Oatmeal Cups

Whenever I am in a rush in the morning, these oatmeal cups are a great quick breakfast for me to take on the road. The thing I like the best about them is that they can never make a mess in the car. Making them the night before and not worrying about the hassle in the morning takes stress away from the busy morning you are already dealing with. You can add anything to these to make them your own which is so great! When I was making these, I made peanut butter banana, white chocolate blueberry (my all-time favorite), and cinnamon sugar apple. I encourage my bloggers to get creative with this recipe as it is quite versatile. These oatmeal cups I made are possibly the most basic compared to what you can whip up. A fun little tip: instead of using the normal size cupcake liners, use the small ones so you can take a few with you in the morning in a plastic bag. These cups can be stored in a bag in the refrigerator for about 2 weeks (even though they will most definitely be gone in days).



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