BBQ Chicken Wraps

My barbeque chicken wraps are a great lunch to take with you whether it is a hot beach day, going to work, or a long road trip. I love to bring these for when I have a little break during my day to enjoy lunch. What I like about these is that I can throw some of these in a cooler in the car and eat them whenever I want. Not only do these taste great but they are also super easy to make! You are probably wondering what soy sauce is doing in a barbeque chicken wrap but it adds a salty component to the sauce that puts in on another level. It balances the sweet honey and the tangy barbeque sauce. Also, one great way to wrap these is in foil because it keeps water out as well as keeps it cool for hours when you put in it a cooler. One substitute for chicken, if you do not have any in your pantry that day, is simply ham or turkey. So I hope that you guys enjoy my recipe and go ahead and make some on your free time and store them away for an emergency lunch!



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