Simple Mason Jar Salads!

This might be one of my all-time favorite lunches just because of how convenient it is and how simple it is to make! I can throw this together at night so I have it for lunch the next day. And the best part of this is that it is mess free. You just simply throw in your favorite salad dressing, vegetables, or protein, and just add our choice of leaf to the top, just do not forget a fork! But that is the important part, the order you put the ingredients into the Mason jar. Make sure you do not mix the wet ingredients with the dry because you do not want a mushy salad when you’re ready to eat it, so ALWAYS put the dressing first and the veggies, protein/croutons, and lettuce follows. Another tip, try not to fill your jar all the way to the top because you will end up having no room to shake up your salad. So I hope you guys try this one out, I eat about 3 of these a week when I am in a rush. And get creative!



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