Strawberry-honey Yogurt Drops

If you are like me, Greek yogurt is not one of my favorite breakfast items. I have tried everything from combining it with granola to putting any kind of fruit in it I can find yet, I still am not a big fan. This recipe was my last resort to trying Greek yogurt again and finally, I loved it! The little yogurt drops are great for little party snacks or a hot day outside or even an early morning breakfast. The thing I like about these the most is that they can be prepared and it does not really matter how long they sit in the freezer for. So before doing some spring cleaning pop these in the freezer for an afternoon snack!


1 cup of strawberry Greek yogurt

3 Tbsp. of honey

Any colorful sprinkles you have handy

One plastic bag


  1. Combine the yogurt and honey and fill the plastic bag.
  2. Snip a little corner off the plastic bag, just enough for the yogurt to come out.
  3. Make little swirls of the yogurt on a cookie sheet and add a little pinch of sprinkles.
  4. Place in freezer for at least 45 minutes and enjoy!



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