Avocado Fries with sweet chili sauce

My new food lately has been avocados and I’ve been doing some inventing recently. I came across an idea to fry them from a friend of mine but it seemed too unhealthy and just too much oil to consume in the middle of my day. They made me feel tired and sluggish, a feeling that I didn’t like when I had class in an hour. I decided to attempt to simply bake them and they turned out really good! So not only are these great for appetizers when you’re in a rush, but they are also super healthy for you. I love breading these and sticking them in the freezer for the morning and just put them in the oven when I’m getting ready. Usually, I eat these as a snack throughout my day but they sometimes don’t last that long. I’ve made these a few times and if you don’t have breadcrumbs handy, you can also use panko and they turn out great as well. Also, if you’re looking to eat something more substantial, just add some of these to you’re salad at lunch as a healthy crouton or a crunch to your burrito. So these little snacks are quite versatile in ways you can eat them so I hope you get creative!


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