Sour Patch Grapes!

I have decided to let you all in on my little hack to candy, except these are more addicting than candy! I love how fun these are to make and the colors are also so cute for kids. Whenever there is a kid’s party in the family, these are a healthy substitute for and candy you were thinking about setting out on that table. Most importantly, the adults will enjoy these also. What I like the most about these is that they are mess free, you just pop them in your mouth. I hope you all have as much fun trying these out as I did creating the recipe!



  • 1 bag of green grapes
  • 1/3 box of Jell-O lemon mix
  • 1/3 box of Jell-O orange mix
  • 1/3 Jolly Rancher green apple mix
  • 1/3 Jolly Rancher watermelon mix
  • ! cup of water
  • Toothpicks



  1. Combine all of the mixes into a bowl.
  2. Poke a toothpick through a grape
  3. Holding the toothpick, dip grape into a bowl of water.
  4. Role the grape into the mix until fully covered
  5. Let the grapes stay on the toothpicks until it has forms a hard crust on the grape, then remove
  6. Place into fridge until chilled and enjoy!!

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